Life Is Gray Instagram

this is life is gray an energic Instagram page, full of positive vibes , we quote from celebrities, from big historical peoples, I am the admin again, and I'm doing all the designing, arranging the posts, answering to comments and try to make this page huge ...

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Skincare instagram

this is alavi skincare Instagram page, I'm admin of this page for about 2 years, in the early years, it wasn't so bad, but this days the work is not so good, she doesn't have many customers and she cant efford to pay me, and cause of this I just post story for this page.

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Millio instagram

well this is millio, an Instagram page for selling wood and design crafts, I actually made all of them by myself, and I'm really proud of myself, that been a fun and hard time back then
now I don't do any more of those craft things, but millio is good for referencing my product photography skills, so

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