Arash Payam Logo

this is a logo for my brother Arash ,I made this one with illustrator and we both love it, he is a photographer, I made him his website too, 

** you can check his website by clicking on the photo . . .

Millio logo

this is millio, it was a hobby of mine, long times ago, I used to made wood and resin jewelry, but because of some reasons, I didn't do it anymore, I made this logo for that propose;
i used illustrator for this one . . . 

Dena Airplane Logo

this was a logo for a competition in designing logo for a airplane company, unfortunately this wasn't accepted as the chosen one, but I like it honestly;
I design it using illustrator

Alavi Skincare Logo

this is a logo for a skincare beautician, its her last name "Alavi".
I made this logo with illustrator and design it with photoshop
I like the way its turn out . . .

Hera lingerie

this is a logo design for Hera lingerie shop , I made it with illustrator and a bit of photoshop, it's idea was original and unique, I myself like the design and the shop owner loved it too thanks god, that's all,

Design Dorp Logo Design

this was a logo for a graphic agency in mahshar, khouzestan, iran
I made this about 10 years ago, and I don't have much to say, if you like this work you should consider following me on Instagram and give me your next design job !

just saying ...